Advocating Gas at a Regional Conference

MGA emphasised importance of gas in energy transition at OSEA 2022 in Singapore
From left: Sandy Singh (Moderator), Dulyapun Buranawit (PTT Global LNG), Ramanrao Abdullah (MGA), Renaud Le Dévéhat (Technip Energies Paris BU) & Dr. Muhammad Wafid A.N., (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia)

Natural gas is important to balance the energy trilemma, it is also expected to play a critical role in the National Energy Policy (NEP). As a complement to the NEP, the upcoming Natural Gas Roadmap will set to future proof the Malaysian gas industry towards a vibrant & sustainable pathways. – Ramanrao Abdullah, MGA Council Member.

Strengthening its important role as the lead advocate for Malaysian Gas industry, MGA recently participated in the Panel Session of Regional Energy Forum, the Asia’s Offshore Oil and Gas (OSEA 2022). Happening on 15 November 2022 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, OSEA was established since 1976 and branded as premier Regional networking forum for thousands of international O&G professionals in Southeast Asia and has become the most international industry event in the entire Asia Pacific region.

Speaking in A-4 Panel Session themed “LNG Transformation Touchpoints for the Gas Industry MGA was represented by Ramanrao Abdullah, MGA Council Member Advisor to Communications Working Committee which also featuring the following panelists;

  1. Dulyapun Buranawit Vice President of Strategic Planning Business Development, PTT Global LNG, Thailand
  2. Renaud Le Dévéhat Offshore R&D Director, Technip Energies Paris BU, France
  3. Dr Muhammad Wafid A N Senior Advisor, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia

Ramanrao started the panel session on a brief introduction about MGA and its important role in promoting a vibrant and sustainable Malaysian gas industry since 1986. He further emphasised that Malaysia is blessed with its own indigenous resources where natural gas has been playing an important role in driving Malaysia’s socio economic growth in the past.

He added on natural gas’s role in achieving the aspirations of National Energy Policy and will continue to be a key source of energy in driving the energy transition and achieving Malaysia’s Low Carbon Aspiration 2040.