As a member of MGA, the advantages that your company can enjoy are categorized as follows:

  • MGA provides the platform for personal professional development of key personnel through conferences, forums, tea talks, working committees etc.
  • Understanding of the national and international gas business
  • MGA organizes the related conferences such as National Energy Forum and other industry related talks/forums for the benefit of members.
  • Technical visits to plants and other facilities, both locally and overseas, are organized from time to time for business exposure for members.
  • Educational programs such as PRESTIGE Program with universities to promote safety and integrity in the gas industry and Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) to advocate school students on gas advocacy.

  • Members can exchange information among MGA members (with more than 150 members) and the larger international network of the International Gas Union (IGU) in more than 90  countries.
  • Facilitation of quick knowledge transfer through personal contacts.
  • Platform to develop and maintain contact with new enterprises in the gas industry.
  • Meaningful networking through social events, activities and gatherings, technical visits, golf, industry dinner, forums etc. amongst MGA members.