Importance of Gas In Malaysia’s Future Energy

Industry Talk #6 The National Energy Policy: Natural Gas & Its Prominent Future Role

Malaysia’s National Energy Policy ( 2022 2040 launched on 19 September 2022 sets the vision of energy sustainability towards achieving shared prosperity, reflecting the role of energy as a significant contributor to enable other key sectors of the economy to thrive on the country’s economic development 12 strategies and 31 action plans have been identified to achieve the goals of the NEP Also embedded within the NEP is the Low Carbon Nation Aspirations (LCNA) 2040.

Following to the launch of NEP, MGA organised its 6 th series of Industry Talk on 30 November 2022 titled “The National Energy Policy Natural Gas Its Prominent Future Role The one hour insightful webinar, featuring Mohd Fauzi Mustafa, D eputy Director of Energy Division, Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department who is in charge of Oil Gas policy as a speaker.

The questions from the participants were very encouraging especially on the future role of natural gas in the NEP and how natural gas as the cleanest fuel will accelerate Malaysia’s energy transition towards low carbon future economy.

Key Takeaways;

  • The benefits of NEP to economy in terms of environment sustainability are
    • Less CO 2 emission
    • Greater Renewable energy (RE) penetration
  • Natural gas plays vital role to complement RE as the country is moving towards energy transition