Report of MyWie recommendation on ‘Strategies & Best Practices for Attracting, Developing & Retaining Women in STEM & Energy Sectors in Malaysia’

Malaysia Women in Energy (MyWiE), formed on 10 January 2018 – is an advocacy group with the main objective to champion equal opportunity for women in the energy sector.

  • My is an acronym for ‘’Malaysia”, which also represents sense of belonging/ownership, WiE is the Women In Energy;
  • Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) is the appointed Secretariat for MyWiE.
  • FoWiE (Forum on Women In Energy) a forum discussing challenges women face in the energy sector. The event has created excitement in the energy community on the issues of women representation on Board and Leadership position.




Workstream Members

FoWiE is an annual forum bringing industry leaders together to encourage equal opportunity & diversity in the energy sector in all levels and category.

MGA as the Secretariat of MyWiE welcomes more members to come join the work streams.

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