MGA President Spoke at World Gas Conference 2022

24 May 2022

Taking the stage live at the 28th World Gas Conference (WGC2022), MGA President, Abdul Aziz Othman, who is also IGU Regional Coordinator for South & Southeast shared exclusive highlights focusing on the significant role of natural gas in the most growing energy market and demand, the Southeast Asia region.  

WGC 2022, dubbed the “Olympics” of the gas industry, was organized by International Gas Union (IGU) in Daegu, Korea.

Happening on 24th May 2022, the WGC Current Debates Session 1 aimed to highlight the most pressing issues of the high energy crisis and the impact of volatile energy markets that has created a coalition between the energy trilemma and global commitment towards achieving net-zero targets. Themed “Has the Momentum from the Glasgow Summit Faded in the Face of High Energy Prices and Concerns About Energy Security?”, the panel session that was moderated by Marcel Kramer, President, Energy Delta Institute and featured the following speakers;

  • Abdul Aziz Othman, President of MGA
  • Kevin Gallagher, Managing Director & CEO, Santos
  • Olalekan Ogunleye, Deputy Managing Director, Nigeria LNG

Key highlights:

  1. Natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel will remain an important key source of energy, especially in the Southeast Asia where the energy market is expected to grow rapidly.  As a dependable and clean fuel that serves all the energy-consuming sectors, natural gas will be expected to play a prominent role in providing cleaner and more reliable energy sources.
  2. The region continues to face challenges in finding a balance between energy security, affordability and sustainability, as the need to expand clean and reliable energy access in the region remains critically important.
  3. Natural gas will continue to be significantly needed for power generation and as a partner to renewable energy in this region.  Natural gas is visioned to play a long-term role in providing energy access and security to the nation, at the same time helping the region to meet its improved Greenhouse carbon emissions reduction target