31st AGM - Industry Talk

17 May 2017

MGA will be organising an Industry Talk on 24th May 2017, featuring two esteemed speakers who will be sharing their views on the global and Malaysian gas market.
The talk will be held right before MGA’s 31st Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is only open to members attending the AGM.

The following are speakers and synopsis of their presentations;

Speaker: Datuk Shahrol Halmi, CEO of Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corporation.
Title: The Malaysia Natural Gas Market – What Next?
Synopsis: As part of the Economic Transformation Programme, Malaysia has embarked on a journey to gradually liberalise its natural gas market. Subsidies have been slashed and the move to market pricing for domestic piped gas is well under way. Regulations to enable third-party access to the market has also been put in place. Will gas customers and suppliers respond as planned? Are there other “missing pieces”? We shall explore these questions during the session.

Speaker: Dave Sivaprasad, Principal in Boston Consulting Group’s Energy practice.
Title: Perspectives On The Long Term View On Gas
Synopsis: Gas has been and is expected to be the fastest growing fossil fuel. Looking ahead, global gas demand is expected to experience strong growth, with LNG as an integrating force between markets. That said, the market faces challenges of oversupply over the coming years. There are also open questions on how forces that drive the long term global energy mix will impact gas (e.g. technology, regulations, impact of client change). This session offers a few perspectives on some of the long term global energy trends and possible implications for global gas.