The Review of Al Gore’s latest movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”

18 Sept 2017

“As a Gen Y working for the MGA secretariat, this movie has opened my eyes to climate change and the role the youth can play in securing our future. The movie empowers youth, through uplifting and inspiring success stories, to play an essential role in informing the community.

I think Al Gore is a man full of adrenaline with a great purpose in life. He has succeeded in capturing the attention of youth like me to work together in saving the world for the future. I believe, some in my generation are still not aware of the seriousness of climate change that we have endured for the past many years that not only happened in Malaysia but all over the world.

I was intrigued in the process on how AL Gore manages to tackle all the problems that come his way. For example in this movie, he managed to come with solutions to tackle the climate change obstacles. The efforts that he genuinely went to meet all ranks of people, asking and approaching them just to identify their problems, effects and causes to what they are having now. This process, this little process looks normal to people but somehow it stayed with me and I believe that everybody can do this. It’s the climate change that we must be talking about.

Motivated is the key word for a “Gen Y” like me. That is how I felt after watching this movie. To whatever misfortunes and bumps he has faced, perseverance, passion and belief always got him through accomplishing his missions. In my opinion, these are the values that we should inculcate in everyone, especially the future generation.”

” A movie that gives me ‘goose bumps’. Can we halt climate change?”

” We want Jurassic Park…!! Gas berasal dr dinosaur..ade basis..”