Report: Study Visit from JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Japan

3 Oct 2017

On October 3rd, MGA received a delegation from the downstream division of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Japan, which is best known for its oil and lubricant products marketed under the ENEOS brand. Comprising young executives, the delegation was on a week-long tour of Malaysia to familiarize themselves with Malaysia’s oil and gas industry.

The delegation was welcomed by Rosli Khairon, MGA’s Technical and Projects Manager, and after an exchange of pleasantries, he proceeded to brief the delegation on the Malaysian gas industry and on MGA. The delegates were pleasantly surprised to discover that Malaysia had once held the presidency the IGU. They were also very interested to learn about the gas industry and asked detailed questions on the major gas fields in the country, how gas is processed, the major domestic users of gas, biogas production and gas retailing.

They also wanted to know more on what MGA’s plans are on promoting the growth of a vibrant and sustainable gas industry in the country. This was followed by a discussion on how MGA is supporting the government to ensure the security of supply for the country as well as what MGA’s advocacy strategy is on gas and its focus areas in sustainably growing the demand for this clean fuel.