Report on HRDF tea-talk

15 Feb 2017

HRDF’s Special Briefing for Oil & Gas

15 February 2017

MGA had collaborated with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), Ministry of Human Resources in organizing a special briefing on Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) for Oil & Gas companies which took place on 15 February 2017 at Auditorium Wawasan, Wisma HRDF.

The tea-talk was attended by 32 participants from 24 member organizations of MGA, MOGSC and MOGEC.

During her welcoming remarks, Puan Wan Yon Shahima, Chief Operating Officer of PSMB mentioned that levi utilization by employers was low at only 70%. She also emphasized PSMB’s commitment to working with the industries in the development of competent workforce to support the country’s aspirations of having 35% skilled workers by 2020 and contribute to the Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income economy.

The tea-talk consisted of 3 sessions on ‘HRDF Employers Registration’, ‘HRDF Scheme and Services’ and ‘Pool Fund Initiative’.

HRDF offered various schemes and services to assist employers in developing talent. In addition to the well-known claimable training schemes (internal and external, local and overseas), HRDF also offered other lesser-known claimable schemes which employers may find useful. These include:
• Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) – development programme (diploma, degree, master & PhD and online distance learning)
• Industrial Training Scheme (ITS) – for students undergoing practical training before graduating
• Future Workers’ Training Scheme (FWT) – prior to employment
• Purchase of training equipment (computers, A/V equipment, furniture) and setting up a training room

HRDF also offered various programs under the ‘Pool Fund Initiative’ which was funded by 30% of the levi paid by employers. The ‘Pool Fund Initiative’ was more industry-centric and included programmes such as certification programmes by professional bodies, assistance to industries in identifying training which suited each particular industry’s needs and 1Malaysia Outplacement Centre (1MOC) for retrenched workers.
1MOC which started in April 2016 was an initiative to enhance the employability of Malaysian retrenched workers by equipping them with the additional industrial skills or qualifications to enable them to be re-employed or to venture into their own business after the loss of employment. 1MOC provided services to retrenched workers such as web portal & mobile apps, counselling, training and job placement.

The presentations and the Q&A sessions were very informative and insightful and would be valuable in assisting oil and gas companies and retrenched workers especially in this challenging period for the industry.

More information on HRDF registration and schemes is available at and on 1MOC at