Extraordinary General Meeting -Successfully convened

1 Dec 2013

About 40 members attended the Extraordinary General Meeting called to deliberate and approve the following:
1) Presentation on the outcome of MGA’s Vision and Strategy Study
2) Presentation and passing of Resolutions to add or amend the Rules of the Association
The meeting was called to order by the President at 5:00pm where he explained the purpose of the meeting.
The Secretary General presented the MGA Vision and Strategy Study which was initiated in June 2013 for duration of about 13 weeks. The objective of the study was to reexamine MGA’s role, vision, mission and objectives based on stakeholders’ feedback and changes in the industry landscape. The President called on the members to be involved through active participation in the Working Committees, which was one of the recommendations from the Study.
A total of 17 resolutions were tabled to the members in relation to the amendment of the existing rules of MGA. The resolutions were unanimously approved by the members present. In addition, the members approved the renaming of the “MGA Rules” to “MGA Articles of Association”.