Tea Talk - 'Business Opportunities with Gazprom', 1st Oct 2010, Impiana Hotel, KL

1 Oct 2010

The company is a subsidiary of Gazprom JSC and one of the largest expert diagnostic centres operating in the field of industrial (operational) safety of harzardous production facilities. It provides a full range of technology-driven inspection services in oil & gas industry using conventional and advanced NDT methods; Third Party Inspection (TPI); industrial safety expert evaluation; design engineering; commissioning and repair services.

Gazprom Energodiagnostika LLC (GED) is interested in exploring business opportunities in Malaysia and has approached MGA to organize the tea-talk in order to present the opportunity for Malaysian companies to learn more about Gazprom and also to serve to open opportunities for partnership with the world’s largest gas company. Gazprom Energodiagnostica who has sponsored USD2,000 for this tea talk, has a clientele of more than 100 companies in the Russian Federation and abroad.

MGA members and invited guests have had a beneficial sharing session and gained valuable insights on business opportunities with Gazprom. Interested parties were able to establish networking contacts with the officials for further deliberation.