3rd Steering Committee Meeting of GASEX 2010, 25-26 May at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong

16 Jun 2010

The event was hosted by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas), one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong. Present at the meeting were the National Organising Committee (NOC) for GASEX 2010 and Secretariat from the Gas Association of Chinese Taipei, and representatives from twelve country members of GASEX from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. From Malaysia, Mr Ho Sook Wah and Ms Chai Siew Lin, representing the Malaysian Gas Association, attended the meeting. Three other country members from Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand were not able to attend the meeting.

NOC GASEX 2010 presented on the progress report and updated on preparations for the Conference and Exhibition scheduled to take place on 24-26 November 2010 at the Taipei International conventional Center and Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. Early bird registration for delegates is open till 20th August and there are 112 booths available for booking by exhibitors. Prominent keynote speakers involving industry experts from the International Gas Union, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam are in process of confirmation. Member Economy Report providing the latest updates from the 15 member countries of GASEX will also be delivered in GASEX 2010. The conference proceedings in the form of panel discussions and breakout sessions, will cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from Energy Supply Security, Technology & Innovation, Gas Utilization, Operational Excellence, Sustainability, Gas Market Dynamics, City Gas Businesses, Investment Opportunities to Gas Supply Contingencies will be deliberated and expounded over the three days.
The meeting also included the signing ceremony of the GASEX Charter by the 12 member countries present at the meeting. The signing ceremony was officiated by Ms Anissa Wong, Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Hong Kong SAR Government and Mr Alfred Chan Wing Kin, Managing Director, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited.

All Members and affiliates of MGA are invited to participate in GASEX 2010.
Kindly access http://www.gasex2010.org/ for more details.
Brief note on GASEX
GASEX Conference and Exhibition is held biennially with one of the members hosting the event in rotation, Previous GASEX events have been held in the following countries :
GASEX ’90 Tokyo, Japan
GASEX ’92 Sydney, Australia
GASEX ’94 Bali, Indonesia
GASEX ’96 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GASEX ’98 Seoul, Korea
GASEX ’00 Pattaya, Thailand
GASEX ’02 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
GASEX ’04 Singapore
GASEX ’06 Beijing, China
GASEX’08 Hanoi, Vietnam
GASEX’10 Taipei, Taiwan
GASEX is represented by the following national and state gas companies and agencies of the Asia Pacific region :
1. The Australian Gas Association, Australia
2. Brunei Energy Association, Brunei Darussalam
3. China Gas Association, China
4. The Gas Association of Chinese Taipei, Taiwan
5. The Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd., Hong Kong SAR
6. Indonesian Gas Association, Indonesia
7. The Japan Gas Association, Japan
8. The Korea Gas Union, Korea
9. Malaysian Gas Association, Malaysia
10. The Gas Association of New Zealand, New Zealand
11. Department of Petroleum and Energy, Papua New Guinea
12. PNOC Exploration Corporation, Philippines
13. Gas Association of Singapore, Singapore
14. PTT Public Company Limited, Thailand
15. Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, Vietnam