6th Asian Pipeline Conference & Exhibition, 25-26 Oct 2010, Hotel Istana, KL

10 Nov 2010

Over the 2-day session, the theme of “Asian Pipeline Landscape – Challenges and Opportunities” was expounded with the addressing of various salient aspects of the pipeline industry ranging from onshore and offshore pipeline technology, ultra deepwater pipelines, operational, security, reliability, integrity and regulatory issues to the overview of energy supply-demand and impact on the industry. The 2 panel discussions on ‘ Emerging Trends in Asian Pipeline Landscape’ and ‘Best Practices in Deepwater Pipeline Development’ have been impactful and beneficial in surfacing and deliberating on issues and concerns in the industry.

This event supported by the International Gas Union, ASCOPE, PETRONAS, Shell and Murphy Oil, was sponsored by Kontena Nasional Global Logistics as the major Sponsor and Murphy Oil, PETRONAS and WGC 2012. Exhibitors include BC Petrochemical, Clock Spring, Corro-Shield, Kontena Nasional Global Logistics, Petromin Pipeliner, Romstar, Rosen Asia Pacific, Tractors Petroleum Services and WGC 2012. Distinguished experts and practitioners in the pipeline industry were invited from Wood Mackenzie, McDermott, Murphy Oil, DNV, TL Offshore, Punj Lloyd, Shell, PETRONAS, Zheijiang University, China and National University of Singapore, to speak and share their knowledge and experience in their respective fields of expertise.

As reiterated in the keynote address and closing remarks by Datuk (Dr) Abdul Rahim Hashim, the President of the Malaysian Gas Association and also the President of the International Gas Union, the pipeline industry is not a ‘sunset’ industry but one that is still vibrant and growing to meet the challenges with the advent of new technologies, innovations and solutions.
Moving forward the industry seeks to take on the opportunities to work in concert with all related stakeholders and parties i.e. oil and gas producers, transmission operators, manufacturers, service providers and end consumers to continue to play a crucial and prominent role in the oil and gas industry in years to come.

It is the aspiration of the Malaysian Gas Association for APCE to become a premier annual pipeline event in this region with the concerted support and participation of stakeholders of the industry.

Plans are underway to organize APCE 2011 in October 2011 and to chart out a program which would be of great interest to the stakeholders and value adding to the industry at large.