MGA Tea-Talk : 'Iraqi Petroleum Potential & Opportunities', 25 Feb 2010, MPC

25 Feb 2010

The talk , “ Iraqi Petroleum Potential and Opportunities”, is aimed at offering a dialogue of cooperation between IBMU and MGA members and guests , particularly Iraqi’s requirement for support by Malaysian oil and gas players as well as related services providers. This event is also hoped to intensify contacts between Iraqi and Malaysian oil and gas companies in view of Iraq’s plan to work peacefully with global players to expand its development in the said field in the next five years where Iraq will be producing some 10 to 12 million barrels of oil per day. Security in the country is improving and the government has allocated USD83 million budget for reconstruction and developmental plans. There is vast potential for partnerships in `joint ventures for the provision of services, supplies and expertise for infrastructure, facilities, amenities, pharmaceuticals, and technology. The speakers shared insights on doing business in Iraqi, the new procedures in invitation for tenders and bidding mechanism and invited interested parties to visit their websites and to contact them for more details.