MyWiE - Establishing the Advocacy Group for Women In Energy in Malaysia

8 March 2018

As the world celebrates International Women Day today on the 8th March today, Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) is proud to share that we have been appointed as the Secretariat for the new established advocacy group and community for women in the energy sector in Malaysia.

Malaysia Women in Energy (MyWiE) was established on 10 Jan 2018 by the organisers and supporting organisations of the hugely successful Forum on Women In Energy (FoWiE), as a follow-up to the issues raised during the forum. Held on 13 July 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, FoWiE was jointly organized by MGA and PEMANDU Associates, and supported by 30% Club, PETRONAS Leading Women Network, Shell Women Action Network and GE Women Network.

The objective of MyWiE is to “Champion equal opportunity for women in the energy sector in all levels and category, predominantly at leadership positions” and MyWiE will be developing proposals to address issues faced by women in the energy sector.

MyWiE will be organising the first stakeholder workshop on 29th March 2018. If your organization is interested to get involved, kindly contact our secretariat at