MyWiE @ Hari Wanita Tanpa Sempadan

06 March 2022

“Hari Wanita Tanpa Sempadanwas organised by PETRONAS Leading Women Network (PLWN) in collaboration with Malaysia Women in Energy (MyWiE) & Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), in conjunction with the International Women’s Day 2022.  Themed on the “Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow”, the panel session has provided great insights on:

  • The opportunity & challenges in Women professional’s career journey, especially in the male-dominant energy industry.
  • Sending important message to the audience in raising more awareness about Diversity & Inclusion for future generations.
  • Most importantly, spotlighting women’s significant role in driving the energy transition for a sustainable future.

The forum started with the moderator, Faizal Adnan from PETRONAS welcoming the guest and panellist and introducing the panellist, Fadzleen Md. Hanipah from Shell, Siti Shafikah M Daud from PETRONAS and Hazwan Hairollah from Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).


  • As a working mother, Shafikah advised to have a good knowledge of living healthy life.  It is important for women to exercise regularly to help the body produce good emotions and to prevent illness in order to take care, both the family and our career.
  • Fadzleen highlighted that to achieve a balance emotions, we need to adop an equal mindset that men and women both have own responsibility for the family.   Both men and women have different challenges at the same time sharing the same responsibilities.
  • STAR concept was implemented by Hazwan in his situation to help each other in marriage life. S for “sikap” which he told that we need to avoid  stereotype thinking where cleaning & tidying is only for women’s responsibility. T for “toleransi” where we understand each other shoes and that will produce team work. A for “Amanah” to understand that this is God loan for us and we need to take the responsible to help each others. R is “Rasional” where we need to listen and understand not listen to argue.