MGA Industry Talk - Impact of Green Energy Policy to Malaysia Gas Industry

27 April 2022

On 27th of April 2022, MGA has organised second #MGAIndustryTalk webinar exclusively to MGA members titled “Impact of Green Energy Policy to Malaysia Gas Industry.” The one-hour insightful conversation delves into discussion to promote the advancement of greening the natural gas industry in ensuring a smooth and just energy transition for Malaysia.

Registered by 85 and attended by 80 participants. The audience was welcomed by the emcee, Nur Syarafana Alias. The Webinar then followed with a presentation session by an experience professional’s speaker who received an Individual Excellence Award in Energy Management under the ASEAN Energy Awards 2021, Wong Tin Song. He had worked in various government agencies including Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA).The webinar continued with moderated panel session by EnSukiman Mohamed as the moderator, Leader of Learning & Development Working Committee , MGA.

The conversation highlighted few key takeaways as below:

  • All the energy policy existed, and the energy trilemma led to balancing act and reduce carbon emissions in Malaysia.
  • When country is embarked with decarbonisation, we are very much aware of the scenario of energy saving and this can be done almost naturally.
  • Natural gas in Malaysia going to be big so Malaysia need to have a very clear policy direction or future direction at least for the next 30 years.
  • Natural gas players should be aware of everything they can do for green energy and become more efficient.