MyWIE Webinar On Behind the Screens: Women Professionals in Energy Industry Coping-Up with the Pandemic & Its Challenges

07 October 2021

On 7th October 2021, MyWiE has organised its first webinar titled “Behind the Screens: Women Professionals in Energy Industry Coping-up with the Pandemic & its Challenges.” This webinar had captured insightful conversations around diverse speakers from the energy industry behind their untold stories in adapting and going through challenges working in COVID-19 environment.


“Studies have shown that challenges of the pandemic disproportionately affect women, regardless of their seniority, who are more likely expected to undertake a larger role at home. COVID-19 brings with it varying impacts such as the realisation and respect of the role women plays in managing their career and taking care of the families especially when the pandemic hits and everyone stays at home.” – Datuk Zunaidah Idris

The webinar that was attended by 160 participants from O&G companies begins with an opening remarks by Datuk Zunaidah Idris, Advisory Panel of MyWiE. The panel session that was moderated by Suresh Vasudevan, Vice President Business Development from Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad featured diverse panelists including Goh Chun Kee, Reservoir Engineering Manager from  REPSOL, Melissa Mustfha, Environmental Engineer from Shell and Nurul Huda Abd Karim, Production manager from PETRONAS.



  • Leaders and team members plays an important role during the pandemic. We need to accept the situation before we adapt the new normal situation to go through daily lives.
  • It is okay to say you are not okay. We have our own limits and we do need others to help when things could not be handled anymore.
  • Allow yourself and others to make mistakes. Don’t be too hard with each other but learn from each other by doing post-mortem, so everyone can gain benefit from learning.
  • Find a ‘me time’ for yourself by doing your favorite hobby can help you sustain a good mental health during the pandemic.
  • As a leader, do check your team their status and understand their challenges.

Watch the full webinar at our Youtube channel (Click here to watch full MyWiE Webinar)