MGA delves into a deeper Conversation on Coping with Working From Home at its Third Industry Talk

MGA delves into a deeper Conversation on Coping with Working From Home at its Third Industry Talk

On 27 July 2021, MGA had successfully organised the 3rd edition of #MGAIndustryTalk titled “Conversation on Coping with Working From Home”; showcasing the initiatives by employers in supporting their staff and discovering tips to maintain mental wellness whilst working from home (WFH). Attended by more than 150 members, MGA’s Industry Talk featured two distinguished speakers; namely Dr. Mohamad Sabri Mohd Shaffi, the Principal Occupational Health at GHSSE PETRONAS and Dr. Yeo Pei Li, the Registered Counsellor.

You can watch the recording of the Industry Talk at this link.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many organisations have adopted and explored the best ways to provide a conducive remote working environment whilst prioritising the employees’ wellbeing.  After many of us have spent more than 500 days Working From Home since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was first implemented in March 2020, the third edition of Industry Talk comes at the right time to check how we are coping and discover the best ways in maintaining a healthy state of mind whilst adapting to the new working norm.

The audience was welcomed by the Emcee, Nur Atiqah Musa from MGA Secretariat and followed by an Opening Remarks by Seah Su-Ying, Vice President of MGA.  The Webinar then followed with a presentation session by each of the speakers on how employers can guide and support its employees to cope with WFH and how the employees, as individuals, can mentally deal with WFH.

During the panel discussion moderated by Sukiman Mohamed, Leader of Learning & Development Working Committee at MGA, the following topics were highlighted;

  1. Reach out programme implemented by PETRONAS as one of the initiatives in helping its employees coping with Working From Home.
  2. The employer needs to critically understand what are the work and Non-work related stressors to assist every employee in addressing their stresses especially the work-related issues where they have control.
  3. Important roles of Employers and Employees in the prevention of Mental Illnesses through Proactive Interventions more than Reactive Interventions.
  4. The difference between mental health, mental ill-health and mental illness.
  5. The impact of stress on job performance and the alarming signs and symptoms of prolonged stress on our overall health.

After one hour of conversation, the moderator and speakers concluded their discussion with the following key takeaways:

  1. The new working environment has taken over both our working and home lives in ways we never could have imagined, and has brought with it many stresses and strains. Therefore, it’s vital that we treat our mental and physical wellbeing as a priority in these uncertain times.
  2. The most important value is for every leader to demonstrate GENUINE CARE and create a psychologically safe space for the team members to “speak up” and share their work-life challenges without fear.
  3. With everyone playing different roles and responsibilities, positive two-way communications, understanding and empathy in being focus providing helpful and realistic thoughts to any challenges faced by team members are the keys to a healthy working environment.
  4. Mental health is part of holistic well-being, which includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being.  We need S.T.A.M.I.N.A. to unlock and maintain good mental health