MGA President Emphasised Role of Gas as Complementary Fuel in Energy Transition at an International Webinar

MGA President Emphasised Role of Gas as Complementary Fuel in Energy Transition at an International Webinar

MGA President, Hazli Sham Kassim, emphasised the following important roles that natural gas plays as a complementary fuel to renewables and in ensuring security and reliability in the energy transition for the South & Southeast Asia region.

He was speaking at a webinar organised by the International Gas Union (IGU) on 24 March 2021. With the theme “The Role of Gas on the Road to Recovery”, the webinar that was jointly moderated by Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House, London and  Matthew Doman, Public Affairs Director, IGU featured the following speakers;

  • Hazli Sham Kassim, Regional Coordinator for South & Southeast Asia, IGU and President, MGA
  • Iván Martén, Senior Partner Emeritus, BCG
  • Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor, Tokyo Gas
  • Konstantin Limitovskiy, VP Investment Operations, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Tang Shanhua
  • Deputy General Manager, Production and Operation, PipeChina
  • Ajay Shah, VP Shell Energy Asia

The webinar began with the Opening Remarks by the Prof. Joe Kang, President, IGU and followed by a context setting presentation by the Professor Stevens who outlined the gas position in the energy transition, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government stimulus packages and the regional dimension.

Hazli Sham also spoke in his role as IGU’s Regional Coordinator for South & Southeast Asia, a combined region that is more than 30 % of the world population and expected to be the fastest-growing regions in terms energy demand. In balancing economic recovery with clean energy transition, the regions are facing challenges in addressing the energy trilemma with energy access and affordability high in the agenda.

Focusing on Southeast Asia, Hazli Sham explained the need to expand clean and reliable energy access in the region where, in 2018, 30 million people still lack access to electricity.  Recognising the pivotal role that natural gas plays in delivering clean energy and in economic recovery, the region continues to invest on natural gas production and delivery infrastructure despite economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction of several regasification terminals (RGT) are proceeding to complement the 9 regasification terminals currently in operation in 5 countries. Energy access to the remote areas are being expanded through virtual pipeline system using small-scale LNG.

Hazli Sham also urged Associations to play a more proactive role in engaging policymaker to advocate the important role of natural gas. He shared an example from Malaysia where MGA has been actively supporting the Government of Malaysia to develop the Natural Gas Roadmap, due to be released in first half of 2021. In addition to engaging policymakers in respective countries, Associations should also combine efforts to engage policymakers in the region. He cited the ASEAN example where the region’s energy outlook forecast that coal’s share in the power generation mix will remain above 40% from today until 2040, whereas the more flexible and cleaner burning fuel, natural gas, decreases its share to just 30% in 2040.

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