MGA Industry Talk On Gas Market Liberalisation

26th March 2019

Dear MGA members

Book your spot  on  MGA  Industry Talk , organised in collaboration with University Malaya,  and hear our speaker and  industry experts  discuss about a highly relevant topic on “The Journey Towards  Natural Gas Market Liberalisation”

Find out more about  the rationale and drivers to liberalise the market, the execution of the plans to  the current status today  from a paper presentation by University Malaya.

To  provide  deeper insight on the subject,  MGA members and industry experts will participate  in a discourse about  our journey  towards liberalised market :-

  • Gas market reforms progress, challenges and lessons learnt
  • Are we on the right track?
  • What else needs to be done to ensure a sustainable gas market ?

Note :  This event is exclusive for  MGA members and invited guest only.



2.00pm – Registration Opens

2.30pm – Welcome Remarks by Hazli Sham Kassim, MGA President

2.45pm – Presentation Lim Zhen Wen (Endry) by , University of Malaya on “The journey towards a liberalised natural gas market”

3.15pm – Panel Session to discuss status and challenges in the journey comprising;

  • Moderator: Seah Suying, MGA Vice President
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (Azuhari Che Mat, Principle Assistant Director of Gas)
  • Energy Commission of Malaysia (Rumaizi Abd Halim, Head of Third Party Access)
  • Petronas Gas Berhad (Abdul Razak Saim, Head, Business Development & Commercial)
  • Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Dr. Renato Lima de Oliveira, Senior Fellows)

4.15pm – Closing Remarks by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohana Jani, Dean of Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya

4.30pm – Refreshments and End of Program


Please email to register.

For any enquiries, kindly contact MGA Secretariat at +60 3 2166 5135