MGA Quarterly Update for Q2 2023

08 AUGUST 2023

This bulletin is packed with exciting stories and updates on MGA’s activities throughout the past months as MGA continues to serve the members and strengthening our role bridging the industry and the policymakers.  In this edition, you will discover how MGA has been actively involved in our gas advocacy efforts for the interests of the gas industry and our members, through various channels and platforms. MGA is proud to continue our active involvement in the national technical committees supporting the Government with important feedback on energy-related policies to ensure pragmatic policies are designed.  We are grateful for the opportunity to directly engage the policymakers and regulators towards the advancement of the Malaysian gas industry.

You don’t want to miss out some of the notable highlights of MGA activities covered in this Q2 bulletin as follows;

  • Progressive decisions and amendment to the Constitution made at 37th Annual General Meeting (page 6-7)
  • MGA achieved another milestone in expanding our role with the launched of Sabah Region Working Committee (page 8)
  • MGA active involvement in workshops and technical committees shaping the energy-related policies for the benefit of the gas industry (pages 10-11)
  • Advocating MGA’s position through stakeholder engagements  (pages 12-13)
  • Natural gas will remain important in Malaysia’s energy mix​ as strongly highlighted by the YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia at Energy Asia​ (page 14)
  • Industry Leaders sent important messages on gas at Energy Asia (page 15-16)
  • MGA actively advocating the importance of gas at 5 Energy Exhibitions​ in 6 weeks (page 18-21)
  • MGA President & Council Members Spoke at 5 energy conferences to amplify our gas positions to a broader audience. (page 22-26)
  • Experts discussed ASEAN’s pathways towards pragmatic energy transition​ at MGA’s 2nd Industry Talk (page 27)
  • MGA members had exclusive networking during MGA Hari Raya Open House ​(page 30-31)
  • Continue to spread its advocacy efforts, MGA was widely captured in national media houses (page 32)

In this quarterly bulletin, we also bring you updates on how MGA continues to strengthen our significant role on the International front;

  • MGA delivered Keynote Address in Indonesia​ (page 28)
  • IGU Secretary General Met Leaders from MGA​ (page 29)
  • Experts across the world convenes as Malaysia Hosted 2nd IGU TraComm Meeting ​(page 34-35)

As the bridge between the Government and the industry players, MGA is committed to continuing to serve and organise value-driven activities for the interest of our members.  We would like to thank our members for their continued support and trust in MGA to drive our vision and mission towards a sustainable Malaysian gas industry.

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