MGA Promotes Natural Gas on TV3 Money Matters

10 & 24 September 2022

Click on image to watch the interview held on 10 Sep
Click on image to watch the interview held on 24 Sep

MGA’s Secretary General, Rosman Hamzah, appeared twice on TV3 Money Matters that were aired on 10th and 24th September 2022. Money Matters is TV3 Malaysia’s premier business and financial talk show featuring conversations with captains of the industry.

In both segments, Rosman was interviewed by TV3’s Azaria Tagaya.

The questions posed by TV3 to MGA’s Secretary General:

  • Where does Malaysia’s domestic gas industry stand as compared to other nations?
  • Where does natural gas future lies in Malaysia’s energy mix, amidst the energy transition?
  • How has gas market liberalization improved gas industry in Malaysia?
  • How much has natural gas contributed to socio-economic growth of Malaysia?

“If you map the GDP growth and growth in gas consumption from 1990 to 2010s, you can see the similarity in the trajectory of growth. Gas has been driving the socio-economic development of Malaysia and has enabled the expansion of energy access.”

“Today, the gas industry in Malaysia brings in RM 135 billion per annum and creates 80,000 jobs to the wider economy.”

“International Gas Union (IGU) used Malaysia as case study for developing nation on how to drive socioeconomic development with indigenous gas.”

“In 2021, Malaysia retained its position as the fifth largest exported of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).”

“Prosperity in the world is not balanced. 759 million people in the world that lack access to electricity and some 2.6 billion do not have access to clean cooking. Developing nations like Malaysia need to address energy trilemma in order to ensure prosperity in its energy transition journey. Therefore, any energy transition must be equitable, pragmatic and orderly.”