#MGAIndustryTalk 3rd Series Malaysia’s Domestic Gas Resources & Demand Outlook

20 June 2022

MGA organised the first full physical after two years in the form of the 3rd Industry Talk on 20th June 2022 exclusively for MGA members titled “Malaysia’s Domestic Gas Resources & Demand Outlook.” Held in conjunction with the 36th AGM, the 3rd Industry Talk was welcomed by the emcee, Nabilah Zulkefli.

The one-hour conversation was moderated by Choong Yen Li, Vice President of MGA.  The Panel Session featured the following professional panellists:

  • Mohd Khairuddin Ab Khalik, CEO, PETRONAS Energy & Gas Trading (PEGT) 
  • Hisham bin Maaulot, Head of Business Development & Commercial, Petronas Gas Berhad.

Khairuddin Khalik kicked off the conversation by sharing the current supply demand outlook in Peninsular Malaysia and how has it been impacted by COVID-19. The conversation then continued with Hisham Maaulot shared his insights on the role of Petronas Gas Berhad in the Malaysian gas market.

The moderator continued the conversation with the moderated panel discussion and took questions from the audience during the Q&A session.

Key highlights:​

  1. There is a potential growth in Peninsular’s gas demand in the power sector, with the retirement of coal power plants in 2029 and beyond. 
  2. Natural gas will play an important role as the transitional fuel for a vibrant Malaysian gas industry, complementing the renewable energy in the future.
  3. The gas industry needs to be revisited and balanced between national obligations and profiteers during the spike of gas market seasons.
  4. Full market liberalisation including in the power sector is important to ensure a vibrant Malaysian gas industry as a whole.