Gas is an important component of the country's energy in the future - Sinar Harian by AWANI

29 January 2022

Rosman Hamzah, Secretary General of MGA, spoke at Awani Webinar “Energizing Malaysia’s Future, with Gas” on 28th January 2022. Moderated by Sharaad Kuttan, Senior Anchor & Producer of Astro Awani, the Webinar also featured fellow panelist, Prof Renato Lima-de-Oliveiraa, Assistant Professor of Business and Society, Asia School of Business.The Astro Awani webinar news was covered in Sinar Harian by AWANI on 29th January 2022. In the event news release, Rosman Hamzah highlighted that “Gas will be an important source of energy in the future”. Gas will be an important component of the nation’s energy in the future as seen able to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality when replacing dependency coal and other fuels. He also highlighted several key takeaways as follows:
  • In developing policies relating to energy, it is important for policymakers to address the energy trilemma of energy security, energy equity and environment sustainability.
  • With multiple sources and reliable infrastructure, natural gas will continue to ensure energy security for the nation and will continue to bring positive impact to its socio-economic growth.
  • According to a report on Peninsular Malaysia Generation Development Plan 2020 by the Energy Commission, a combined of 21GW of new gas-fired power plant and renewable energy will be added into the peninsular grid capacity by 2039 resulting in a total carbon reduction of 60%.
  • A report by Boston Consulting Group expects gas to make up 39% of power generation installed capacity when Malaysia achieves net zero in 2050.
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