Policymakers, Energy Experts Gathered to Discuss Pathways towards a Sustainable Future for the Malaysian Gas Industry at MyGAS 2021

Kuala Lumpur, 22 November 2021 – Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) once again organised the Malaysian Gas Symposium (MyGAS 2021), the only forum dedicated to the gas industry in Malaysia.  Taking place between 22-25 November 2021, the virtual MyGAS 2021 brings together policymakers and energy experts to discuss the current and future role of natural gas in energy security for Malaysia, as well as its socio-economic trajectory in accelerating Malaysia’s energy transition towards carbon neutrality as early as 2050.

With the theme “Role of Gas in the pathway towards carbon neutral Malaysia by 2050” in line with the recent tabling of the 12th Malaysia Plan, MyGAS 2021 is supported by the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia.  Its Minister, YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) has successfully inaugurated and delivered his Ministerial Address at the opening of the symposium.

In his Ministerial Address, YB Dato’s Sri Mustapa Mohamed emphasised that “with many countries around the world impacted by the global energy crisis, Malaysia has been fortunate in that the country was able to rely on our indigenous gas to fuel the power generation sector, thus ensuring electricity supply remained uninterrupted, thus the operation of critical sectors remained unimpeded.  We are constantly taking appropriate measures to ensure continuous energy security for the nation.  Natural gas will play a prominent role in providing cleaner and more reliable energy sources.  With a comprehensive National Energy Policy 2021-2040 and Natural Gas Roadmap (NGR) as a key component of the overall policy, natural gas will continue to play a critical role as a transitional fuel, ensuring a more pragmatic approach in navigating energy transition towards a low carbon future.”

MyGAS commenced with Abdul Aziz Othman, the President of MGA, who delivered his Welcome Address to an audience; joined virtually from Malaysia and across the globe.  “As the lead advocate of Malaysian gas industry, MGA is delighted with the opportunity to organise MyGAS 2021.  With strong support from the policymakers including the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), MyGAS strategically set as an effective platform of discourse.  We are confident that MyGAS 2021, participated by Malaysian policymakers and prominent energy experts around the world will catalyse a strong collaboration in charting the pragmatic and just energy transition pathway towards a carbon neutral Malaysia as early as 2050. As an important foundation, our gas price has reformed and liberalised.  We hope discussions over the next four days will lead to significant outcomes and most importantly, a call to action to future proof the Malaysian gas industry by ensuring the security of supply, increasing demand, and more importantly, the longevity of this industry through a healthy liberalised market with attractive economics.” said Abdul Aziz in his Welcome Address.

Adnan Zainal Abidin, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer, Gas+ New Energy, of PETRONAS also delivered his Opening Address during the opening of MyGAS 2021.

All four days of MyGAS 2021 have been exclusively designed with topical daily themes namely on policy, the role of gas in energy transition, gas market liberalisation and the future of the gas industry.  Each day begins with an exclusive daily keynote presentation by prominent leaders starting with “Energy Transition in National Energy Policy” by Datuk Saiful Anuar Bin Lebai Hussen, Director General, Economic Planning Unit, “Contribution of Natural Gas to the National Economy” By Zakiah Jaafar, Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Ministry of Finance, “Gas Market Liberalisation: Regulator’s Perspective” By Abdul Razib Dawood, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Commission Malaysia and finally “Energy Transition Outlook” by Ditlev Engel, CEO Energy, DNV.  The keynote presentations are then followed by panel sessions set to draw invaluable insights from an array of global experts, including from Malaysia, on the impacts of global trends and possible pathways to ensure a future of vibrant and sustainable Malaysian Gas Industry.

Press Release “Policymakers, Energy Experts Gathered to Discuss Pathways towards a Sustainable Future for the Malaysian Gas Industry at MyGAS 2021”