EEP  is an educational initiative  that  has been conducted by MGA since 2014.   The program, implemented  in collaboration with Petrosains and MOE,  involves lower secondary school children and  includes a mixture of taught, demonstration and interactive hands-on approach to keep students engaged throughout the session.  The objectives of EEP are to raise the awareness among students on the energy resources and electricity energy system in Malaysia, to educate students on the importance of conservation and using energy efficiently and also to advocate school  children about natural gas and its role in Malaysia.   It is hope that EEP will  ignite students’  interest to pursue study in STEM (Science,  Technology, Education and Mathematics).


  • To raise the awareness amongst students on the energy resources and electricity energy system in Malaysia as well as the importance of conservation and using energy efficiently.
  • To enhance public understanding on the role and uses of gas as a clean, safe and efficient  energy
  • To introduce STEM based program and activity to support National Strategic  action plan (STEM Nasional 2018 – 2025)
  • To emphasize on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to stimulate creativity and innovation in decision making, problem solving and ability to create new things

Past news about EEP 2017 & EEP 2018


EEP 2019  shall focus on  Micro-bit coding/computing  involving 6  schools in Selangor, Pahang and Putrajaya.  About 36 Students (Form 2) plus accompanying teachers from each school  will be  ferried  to Petrosains  for a 2-day  workshop .  The first day will involve some  basic introductory lessons on energy  and micro:bit computing, while the 2nd  day will focus on project development and prototyping using micro:bit.


Mirco:bit is circuit board measuring just 50x40mm with two buttons and an array of 25 red LEDs in a 5×5 arrangement.  The board can be programmable via a web-based interface to do many things, including flashing up numbers, letters and scrolling messages on the LEDs. Plus, since there’s a built-in accelerometer  and compass, it can detect movement and tell which way it’s  pointing.

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We are looking for aspiring mentors  who are keen to be part of  EEP2019.   The Mentor will be required to  join the EEP2019 workshop on the date/time mentioned below. Please click here to join EEP 2019 as the mentor.


  1. Engage and  assist the students  with idea development to  help them develop projects using micro:bit  coding/programming.
  2. Not required to be well versed in Micro:bit, suffice that they have the interest and passion to coach student/younger  generation.
  3. Not expected to be on site for the   entire  duration – suffice to spend about an hour or two with the  students.