MGA presented Insights into the Malaysian Gas Industry to Policymakers

23 April 2019

On 23rd April 2019, MGA, through its Regulatory and Government Affairs Working Committee (RGA WC), organised the “Insights into the Malaysian Gas Industry”.  The event attracted more than 60 officers from 6 ministries and 8 government agencies.

The opening remarks was delivered by Zahid Osman, MGA Council Member and the Advisor to RGA WC, who highlighted the gas industry’s vital contribution towards Malaysia’s socio-economic growth and elaborated on how it can collaborate to meet common goals.

This is followed by the following presentation from members of the Advocacy Working Committee (Suresh Vasudevan & Neeti Tandon) & Taskforce on Cogeneration (Dr. Lim Daw Yuen);

Part 1: What is Natural Gas

Part 2: Gas Industry in Malaysia

Part 3: Industry Update & Recent Developments

Part 4: Contribution from Natural Gas to the Nation

Part 5: Natural Gas Fueling A Sustainable Future for Malaysia

Part 6: New Ideas for Malaysia

It was an interactive session where both MGA and policymakers exchanged views and ideas.

To allow participants to dwell further into their specific areas of interest, a “Meet the Experts” session was conducted after lunch. Participants were able direct detailed questions and have dialogues with the designated experts from MGA’s member companies on the following topics:

  • How Natural Gas Can Play a Role in Meeting RE Targets
  • Getting the Most Out of Cogeneration
  • How the TPA Works