MGA’s RGA WC met Suruhanjaya Tenaga

21 March 2018

On 7th March 2018, the Regulatory & Government Affairs Working Committee (RGA WC) of Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) met Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) or Energy Commission of Malaysia at Putrajaya.

ST’s team was led by its Chairman, Dato’ Abdul Razak Abdul Majid and MGA’s delegation was led by the RGA WC’s Advisor and MGA Council Member, Zahid Osman.

The agenda for that meeting was as follows;

1. Status of Third Party Access (TPA) Implementation
2. Promoting Cogeneration
3. Understanding Power Generation Fuel Mix & Dispatch Merit

In that meeting, MGA was represented the whole supply chain of the Third Party Access including;
· LNG Importer
· LNG ship transporter
· Infrastructure owner & operator (including RGT, transmission & distribution pipelines)
· Shipper & Retailer
· User