Let’s “Continue Forever”– PRESTIGE 2017

22 Nov 2017

On 29th March 2018, Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) hosted MyWiE’s 1st Stakeholder Workshop, in the month where Women all over the globe celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations.

MyWiE is the newly established advocacy group for Malaysia Women In Energy with the main objective to champion equal opportunity for women in the energy sector in all levels and category, predominantly at leadership positions. MGA has been appointed as the Secretariat to MyWiE.

The workshop marked a key milestone in the MyWiE implementation roadmap to continue to #pressforprogress acting on the findings of the Forum on Women In Energy (FoWiE) held on 13 July 2017, an event organized jointly by MGA and PEMANDU Associates.

Given the diversity of work in the energy industry; industry leaders, common cause partners, educators and activist were invited to take part in the Workshop and over 70 participants from 34 organisations attended. The objective was to bring all stakeholders together in a forum where they could discuss and validate a whole range of issues and challenges that women faced in the workplace space. They were also asked to recommend interventions and solutions that would contribute meaningfully to the position paper on promoting equal opportunity on women in the energy sector that MyWiE intends to deliver by the end of the year.

The breakout discussion, which was the main part of the workshop; focused on three key areas that were staged using a world café format;
a. Inclusive culture in organizations
b. Attracting women to STEM and Energy Sector
c. Increasing women leaders

Puan Rodiah Zainudin, President of Shell Action Network (SWAN) who also sits in MyWIE Advisory Panel gave the welcoming remarks and RajKumar from CnetG, who was a speaker at FoWiE 2017, presented the summary of findings from the forum
The workshop also saw a presentation by Jennifer Scott, Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) USA, who shared how SWE empowered women engineers throughout the globe through its programs and initiatives.
The forum ended on high spirits with about 40% of the participants indicated their interest to join the MyWIE Task Force team, be the catalyst for change, make the meaningful difference and jointly #pressforprogress!

Watch this space for the 2nd Stakeholder workshop.
For enquiries about MyWiE, please contact the Secretariat via e-mail at Secretariat@MalaysianGas.com