Invitation to Participate in IGU Committees 2015-2018

09 Jun 2015

Dear members,

With the completion of the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris last week, the IGU Presidency shifts to USA for the next 3 years.
The scope of the work under the American Presidency is contained in the Triennial Work Programme, the core of which will be performed by the 11 Committees and 2 Task Forces. The enclosed Attachment provides details of the scope and focus of these Committees and Task Forces under the theme “Fueling the Future”. Two Malaysians are holding the Chair and Vice Chair in the Committees.

Malaysia has been active participant in these Committees in the past trienniums, through the involvement of nominated staff by MGA members. Once again, we invite MGA member companies to nominate staff to be involved in any of the Committees and Task Forces. Please read the attached letter of invitation from the MGA President which provides further details.

The Committees will begin their first meeting in the Fall of this year.
Please submit your nominations to Mr. Ho Sook Wah, Secretary General by end June 2015. Thank you.