Meeting with Nadi Putra

19 Sept 2014

• Nadi Putra has 171 buses running on gas, and 4 on diesel
• Engine by Doosan (Korea) and chassis by Daewoo. Engine was initially underpowered but was later rectified by Doosan.
• Reliability is good. Buses purchased in 2006 are still running and in good condition, with mileage more than 400,000 km
• 12-meter buses have 7 tanks (capacity 121 liter each) and range of 300 km. 9-meter buses have 5 tanks.
• CNG refueling at the depoh takes 5-10 minutes using heavy duty connector.
• Diesel engines are more reliable
• On per liter basis, CNG uses 50% more fuel. Overall fuel cost is 30% lower for CNG compared to diesel due to low CNG price.
• Engine performance is affected by ambient temperature, and less power was noticed during hot days.
• Enforcement of safety regulation by authorities is an issue that requires attention.