• Promote business networking and collaboration

    To organise activities that facilitate networking among members and stakeholders involved in gas related activities

  • Advance knowledge and learning

    To advance knowledge and learning across the gas value chain on the safe, deficiency and sustainable use of gas among members, gas professionals and students

  • Disseminate industry information and insights

    To provide a platform for thought leadership and to produce and maintain gas related information, insights and statistics on the gas industry

  • Enhance public’s understanding on gas

    To enhance understanding of the general public on the role and uses of gas as a clean, safe, and efficient energy

  • Advocate for gas-related issues

    To be the advocate for gas-related issues that are the priorities of members and the gas industry and to contribute to the development of the associated legislation, policies, and/or standards

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Report: Study Visit from JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Japan
Report: Study Visit from JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Japan
04 October 2017
On October 3rd, MGA received a delegation from the downstream division of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation Japan, which is best known for its oil and lubricant products marketed under the ENEOS brand. Comprising young executives, the delegation was on a week-long tour of Malaysia to familiarize themselves with Malaysia’s oil and gas industry. Read more...

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